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About Joel Radley dipNT, BSc (Hons) Functional Nutritionist

qualification & Education


My goal


To help those who have tried so hard to reverse a condition, but not got the result needed, due to confusing online information, generic protocols & toxic supplements. 

Hello, I am Joel Radley, certified nutritional therapist & founder of Joel Radley Root-Cause Functional Nutrition and the Calm & Charged Community. Passionate about functional medicine, nutrition, mind body therapies and scientific research. I love helping clients live pain and fatigue free, hormonal balance, metabolism & thyroid via nutrition, supplements & lifestyle changes with the help of functional labs. I often get asked why? My mother did not get the support she needed regarding hormonal health which caused her energy to dip, painful periods & eventually a hysterectomy. I wanted to be part of the change for the better. read my recovery story below after adrenal burn-out, parasites & no progress with Drs, consultants and so called experts. Thats why i created my clinic to help women like my mother & others in a similiar situation to myself. My role is to simply facilitate in your body healing itself. As Voltaire said: ‘The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while natures cures the disease’. heal & gain sustainable health which is true wealth. Read about my four-pillar method below:

1: physical Pillar

Nutritional therapy to support you with a wholefood, ancestral & metabolically individualized diet.  Functional lab work & therapeutics by way of herbs and supplements cross over to the life-force or flow of the body. 

4: Spiritual Pillar

Reconnecting with oneself, the source of balance and inner-peace,  holistically through mindfulness

4 pillar method joel radley functional nutrition root cause nutritional therapist


Learning to digest trapped or suppressed emotions & their deeper connections to ones physical and mental state. Movement to keep the balance of life force flowing. motion creates emotion. 


Effective thoughts, values, goals, beliefs, thoughts, dreams. Gaining meaning from our emotions

4 pillars

Four pillars foundation 1: physical

Nutritional therapy to support you with a wholefood, ancestral & metabolically individualized diet.

Four pillars foundation 2: life force

Naturopathy & the use of herbs or supplements via traditional diagnostics or functional medicine lab testing to invigorate your energy channels.  

Four pillars foundation 3: emotions

Lifestyle & movements suggestions for our emotions, to strike a balance between exercise , rest, work & play.

four pillars foundation 4: mindfullness

This is where German new medicine (germanic new medicine)  principles, chakra system and emotional connections to the inner cause of disease.

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Joel Recovery Story 

I burnt out in 2015 working in the fashion industry in Japan & Paris. Unexplained painful digestive issues & fatigue, work life stress, lack of purpose, followed by years of chasing symptoms. Many GP’s misdiagnosed me, claiming it’s psychosomatic & the conventional stool and bloodwork came back in range. Yet I had adrenal burn out & parasites. I wasted fortunes on  practitioners, diets, cleanses & supplements.
Not until I dropped the diet culture, conventional paradigms of healing & worked with talented natural practitioners, starting to view myself holistically I was able to heal. I began working for supplement companies & qualifying as a nutritionist. Continue to read hundreds of books on the subject & furthering my knowledge with new qualifications.

This passion led to my vocation in helping clients around the world achieve the health and happiness they deserve. It has been a pleasure to work alongside hundreds of clients and help them balance their hormones and restore their energy, metabolism, & relationship to food, enabling them to live their best life with happy periods. 


Your health Condition Is Not Your Fault




I have since helped hundreds of women’s hormonal imbalances, thyroid & adrenal, burnout, acne, autoimmune, digestive issues & eating disorders. Remember it is not your fault, given the mind boggling contradiction of wellness advice. 

I have cut through the BS advice and acquired the knowledge to personalise the most effective holistic strategies to your individual health, with long lasting solutions. 

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I help you take control of your health like a boss as anything under vitalised is not normal


7/10 women say they have experienced gaslighting by medical providers. 

8/10 women struggle with weight gain, hair loss, PMS, low energy, painful periods, brain fog & more at some point in their lives.  

My clients have had enough of being medically marginalised, being told there is nothing that can be done, normal signs of ageing, tests are within range, when they dont feel well at all.  

They report the go to prescriptions of  birth control pills, iron supplements, thyroid medication and anti-depressants offer initial support but they struggle with finding long term sustainable solutions.  I provide my clients sustainable solutions, and share the most up to date protocols, so they can feel their best everyday

Joel Radley functional nutrition nutritional therapy nutritionist Harley street London

This may be why your efforts are not working

Chronic Stress & Brain Fog

When in chronic stress your body goes into survival mode due to sympathetic dominance of the nervous system. This stresses the body causing more nutrient deficiencies, low energy & gut distress. 

Chronic Stress & Brain Fog

Plaster Solutions

The pain makes us want quick solutions in the form of fad diets, restrictive eating cleanses, random supplements & guessing your deficiencies. This can leave one worse than before & confused. 

Plaster Solutions

Dr Google / DIY Health

Podcasts, miracle cures, google, instagram reels or guessing protocols. You can achieve results sooner but your trying to DIY your health. Dabbling with practitioners & random supplements cost more in the long run.

Dr Google / DIY Health

Clean Eating Is Not Enough

We are told to just eat healthy, but ‘eating clean’ is not enough anymore given the depletion of minerals from our soil and toxicity we are exposed to on a daily basis. For mineral deficiencies, imbalanced hormones & gut issues more is required than just eating ‘healthy’. This includes drainage, detox and other health inducing practices. There are advancements in the nutrition & functional medicine world that the conventional practitioners are behind on.

Clean Eating Is Not Enough

work(ed) with

Can We Work Together?
Online nutritionist consultation

By reading this website you have taken the first step to getting to the bottom of a long or short term illness. Click on the button above for a free consultation  on the phone if you meet the below criteria.

I tend to work with highly conscientious seekers of wellbeing from all corners of planet earth whom:

1- Understand that credentials alone like DR or MD wont guarantee results.

2-Not searching for a magic pill, fad diet, quick fix as they understand the complexity involved & have the tenacity to uphold the protocol.

3-Have a must statement, a reason to get well and are willing to take responsibility for your own wellbeing (with my guidance)

4-Effective communication to express issues or doubts, enabling myself to address them.

If you are willing to commit to these 4 accountability requirements, I can help heal an ailment or improve upon current health. I work with adults & seniors, teenagers, young professionals, children, holistic practitioners, city workers, recovering vegans & more.

What is health?


Is health meeting the national health service standards on tests? to fit into a continuum of figures? mediated with pharmaceuticals? while all along inside you may not feel well or a good quality of life? or is it more than being disease free? Could it be being emotionally stable, physically fit, spiritually at peace and mentally sound.

Misinformation & disinformation, sensationalist tabloid headlines, overwhelming  conflicting diets & has led to a white noise of misunderstanding in the world of healthcare, wellbeing, nutrition & disease. We are cut off from ancestral knowledge and wisdom,  forced to turn to so-called experts and when they can’t help us what do we do? Where to start? what is applicable to my condition? what is the latest advances in functional medicine and nutrition?  I help clients avoid misinformation, ditch diet culture and cut to the chase.    

We live in an age of medical mediocrity, accustomed to low energy, suppressing symptoms with medications, a general lower sense of life quality. I achieve results with patients without compromising on what real health is. A full history assessment & functional lab works, as well as approaching the lifestyle & emotional factors to unlock the door of the root-cause.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie:


1.04 billion prescriptions were prescribed in 2021/2022 in the UK. 


This means that the majority of physician office visits lead to prescription medications. 


With that said historically doctors and specialist consultants do not receive adequate nutrition training, with just under 70% in a survey claiming they were trained in nutrition for only 2 hours. 


Coupling this with the average consultation time of 9.2 minutes it is no wonder there are so many of us imbalanced without proper guidance. 


Give yourself permission to get The Help You Deserve


You have the ability to totally reverse your condition & be who you always wanted to be TODAY.

Time will pass before you know it, don’t let that happen. 

We live in a system that gaslights and normalises symptom suppression, rather than taking hold of your health & re-balancing. 

The only way to change for the long-term is to dive deep & get to the root-cause. 

My pledge to clients



Our relationship as practitioner and client is one of trust, honesty and respect. I promise to help facilitate your personal healing journey and uncover deeper root causes and how to fix them. I will ensure I provide you with the highest level of treatment in terms of attention to detail, quality and efficacy. I work with a small selection of applications who want to heal. We will work at a sustainable pace and ensure you are comfortable and can follow through with the program. 

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