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We are an expert root-cause nutrition clinic specialising in nutritional therapy, functional & German new medicine.

Nutrition Consultations

We endeavor to get to the physical & emotional root cause of your disease. Via the use of nutritional therapy, naturopathy, lifestyle and german new medicine.


Take a look at the extensive list of therapies we treat from autoimmune, IBD, IBS, thyroid, skin, hormonal imbalance and much more. Get in touch even if your concern is not listed.

Four-Body Healing®

We treat the root cause not the symptom. This includes balancing the four aspects of our body. Nutrition for the physical, naturopathy for the energetics, lifestyle & movement for emotions and mindfulness for the spirit

Sarah Barnett
Sarah Barnett
I have had the pleasure of working with Joel over the last few months and it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have struggled with various health issues (mainly thyroid and hormone related) for most of my adult life and Joel has been the first person to really help me take control of these. He views everything holistically and that’s an approach that I really resonate with. Although there is still more work to do, I feel so much better in the few months we have been working together than I ever have. All of my hypothyroid symptoms have retreated for the most part, I feel healthier, my moods are more stable, I no longer try to disassociate from my feelings, I’m finally connected to my body and most importantly I have higher levels of self esteem than I think I have ever had. I genuinely feel like I have control over my health and wellbeing for the first time and I can’t wait to see the additional changes that come further down the line. Joel is warm, caring and goes above and beyond to make sure you are doing the best things you can for yourself. He really knows his stuff and makes you feel like you are entirely in safe hands. If you are ready to feel empowered to take control of your health and wellbeing he is the perfect person to guide you towards that.
Emmy Osman
Emmy Osman
I was pregnant when I started seeing Joel so felt that I wasn’t able to utilise my sessions as much as I would have liked. Joel does however, offer a 5 star service for his clients. He has a vast Wealth of knowledge and useful information . He really goes above and beyond expectations to get to the root issue for his clients
knee feels much better you’re advice has helped with my nutritional lifestyle & choice of supplements, spiritual, emotional wholistic approach in dealing with one’s health concern, I needed help for way he was able to get to the root cause.. Gratitude
Muhammad Shakeel
Muhammad Shakeel
I was suffering with fatigue and allergic reactions, no real solutions from specialist consultants and GPS Joel's advice helped me within a week. Not feeling tired and sleepy all the time anymore. Thank you Joel
Sinclair Adolphus
Sinclair Adolphus
Always be a pleasure to work Joel. I have found him to always be on point with his advice.
Remi Rumi
Remi Rumi
Worked with Joel personally and professionally. Joel is a an experienced, competent and innovative practitioner in the world of natural medicine, healthcare and wellbeing. He has a wealth of knowledge about supplements & therapeutics. He applies it practically to clients for individualised results. Highly recommended.
Sophia Mina
Sophia Mina
Joel is an incredible human, who is truly dedicated to helping humanity. He goes above and beyond, to help his clients, covering all aspects without judgment or criticism. If you haven’t found your route to recovery yet and feel like it maybe hopeless, he will help you find a way no matter how long it takes. For Joel it’s not about the money, it’s about ensuring he’s impacting your life in a positive way to help you find yourself back on your authentic life path:
Jhanai Lelitte
Jhanai Lelitte
Joel’s advice through a consultant appointment I had with him proved to be beneficial to the improvement to the uncomfortable symptoms I was experiencing. His knowledge of the mind and body coupled with the desire to understand the root of my symptoms is what made all the difference. Having spent months speaking with multiple doctors within the NHS , Joel was able to discover what exactly what was needed for me to recover in a much shorter period of time. Thanks again Joel.
Shivani Lad
Shivani Lad
Joel was super knowledgeable and made me feel extremely comfortable. His advice has been incredibly helpful. I saw differences within the first week! Thank you Joel!
James Finnigan
James Finnigan
Joel's advice helped me recover from a difficult illness and I have learned a lot about my nutritional needs along the way. He has a deep understanding of how to get the mind and body aligned and is sensitive and precise in methods. Thanks for all your help.
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Athletes foot, thrush, candida etc tried all the diet fads? stopped the sugar but still cant get rid of the infection? get to the root of what is eating away at you emotionally as well as fortify your innner terrain to naturally balance out fungus that is integral to optimal health.

The thyroid can affect your entire bodies hormonal function and the slightest decline in health can alter you thyroid function. It is essential for cell repair & metabolism. We have successfully treated many patients with hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism & Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. 

Autoimmune Diseases manifest when our own cells are mistaken for pathogens & attack itself. Our practice has experience treating a multitude of autoimmune diseases. Our goal is to help you manage this disease 

Imagine loosing the weight naturally, without eating bland, dry, health food, dangerous pills or operations. Get to the root of your weight concerns and regain your health without dieting, but enhancing your lifestyle.

IBS, SIBO, PARASITES, CROHNS, COLITIS, POOR DIGESTION, ACID REFLUX. Enhance digestion naturally and learn the root causes and how to live a lifestyle that will reduce stress to the digestive system as well as understanding the emotional ties to these conditions.

Food cravings, morning sickness, digestive disorders, constipation, diarrhoea are all common systems misdiagnosed when in fact it can be to do with a parasitic infection or overgrowth. Get to the root & learn what was eating away at your unconscious rather than just taking  powerful prescribed antiparasitic medications. We have treated hundreds of patients with parasitic infections, if you have not been able to get the root and banish it for good get in touch. 

Health Conditions we help

The clinic of holistic nutrition has healped many people with various health conditons and chronic illnesses. From autoimmune diseases, IBD, IBS, crohns, colitis, PCOS, hormonal Imbalances, stress, psoriasis, wertility, weigt-loss, fatigue, parasites, fungal infections and much more.

Book a complimentary self-discovery call today

A visit to our clinic is not just a generic nutrition consultation but a holistic & scientific based experience of self-discovery.

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Helping patients into remission where GP’s, specialists & other complimentary medicine practitioners have failed.


We are an expert root-cause nutrition clinic specializing in nutritional therapy, functional & German new medicine.


Our mission is to help 1 million+ people re-discover their innate vitality.

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