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An appointment at our clinic is more than a generic visit but a self-discovery opportunity. We work one-to-one with you to get to the root of the problem and help you re-balance naturally.

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Nutrition Packages

We strive to ensure our nutrition consultations are enjoyable experiences of self-discovery and empowerment. An open, relaxing and comfortable space is created where you can speak comfortably with us and help us design the bespoke plan most fitting to you. Whilst we aim to focus on the ‘four bodies’ of holistic healing, Nutrition, Therapeutics, Movement & Meditation, we are flexible & accomodate clients who want to focus on nutrition, functional medicine & lab testing. 

Lab Testing


Patient will be informed in consultation what functional lab testing may be necessary. Normally several options are presented. Note not all patients require extensive lab work.

Benefits of the Natural Health Revital Program | Natural Health Care Clinic

Chronic sickness takes a while to manifest and it is unlikely to irradiate in one session. With that said the program is designed to get you back to well being in the shortest time possible with your co-operation. The advantage of our health packages are that you are getting the full package to restore your health. Any issues can be resolved with me as we are working together, rather than trying to cram too much information in a few sessions, which leads to cutting corners. You will have a confirmed schedule and will not have to book in advance for each session. Any queries can be asked directly to myself 24/7.

Conditions we treat

Autoimmune diseases, gut dysbiosis like; SIBO, reflux, crohns disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, respiratory issues etc affect various parts of your visceral and metabolic systems. Therefore many areas will need to be addressed to help, detoxification, digestion & immunity. Individualised dietary protocols will be prescribed specific to you. Over the course of the follow up sessions or coaching sessions the protcol may be altered together.

Co-operation & Accountability

By investing in your health with a program, you are taking your health into your own hands, congratulations. I will be guiding you the whole way but you need to commit to the program. This includes following the nutrition protocol, taking necessary herbs or supplements, adhering to lifestyle changes & keeping an open mind, knowing this will not change overnight.


Payments can be split into monthly instalments. The four body health package is structured over a specific time period (unless unused sessions expire). For full remission of symptoms we suggest a minimum of 3-6 months of one-to-one work together. 


Please feel free to read some of our reviews on google of patients who followed through with the program & coaching, into natural health & remission.