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What is root-cause Nutritional therapy?

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic pain or mental health? Or perhaps you feel stuck and you’re looking for guidance on how to create a better life.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a self empowering form of therapy that gives you the tools to manage your own mental health and work/life decisions, without the need for constant external guidance. Not to be confused with your external family members, in the form of your parents and siblings, IFS refers to the internal family which exists inside of all of our mental systems, in the form of sub personalities. 

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What Are The Subpersonalities?

Our sub personalities consist of Wounded Parts and Protective Parts, the protective parts try to protect the person from the pain of the wounded parts. Also, at the core of everyone’s mental system is a Self Part. The Self part is the compassionate, curious and confident part of us, one which we want to access as much as possible.

Most often, protective parts are developed at an early age, inherited personality traits from caregivers or societies expectations of you. And they show up in our everyday lives as fears, worries and frustrations. Wounded parts show up with inner child like qualities, they are most often stuck in the past relaying trauma, neglect or abuse. Finally, our SELF part is the compassionate and loving part of us.

1: physical body

Nutritional therapy to support you with a wholefood, ancestral & metabolically individualized diet.  Functional lab work & therapeutics by way of herbs and supplements cross over to the life-force or flow of the body. 

4: mental body

Effective thoughts, values, goals, beliefs, thoughts, dreams. Gaining meaning from our emotions

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Learning to digest trapped or suppressed emotions & their deeper connections to ones physical and mental state. Movement to keep the balance of life force flowing. motion creates emotion. 

4: spiritual body

Effective thoughts, values, goals, beliefs, thoughts, dreams. Gaining meaning from our emotions

The Internal Parts Of Our Mental System

Root-cause Functional Nutrition

  • Inner Child Like Qualities

  • Usually Has Something It Wants To Let Go Of

  • Past Trauma/Abuse/Neglect

  • Wants To Be ‘Reparented’ By Your SELF Part



Conventional Medicine

  • Curious, Compassionate, Loving, Confident, Empathic, Caring Part Of Us.

  • When You Access This Part, You Can Heal Your Entire System.

  • The More You Communicate To Your Protective And Wounded Parts With SELF, The More They Trust You.

What Is The Goal Of IFS Therapy?

The goal of therapy is to access the SELF part as much as possible, to help the protective and wounded parts heal. It differs from conventional talk therapies, as the therapist allows the recipient to foster a stronger healthier internal dialogue with themselves. One which eventually allows the recipient to become their own mentor.


Who Is IFS For?

Everyone has fears and worries, but if it’s taking over your life and affecting your relationships IFS therapy is for you. Mainly it helps you deal with:

  • Feeling Stuck In Life

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Panic Attacks

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Eating Disorders

  • Addictions

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Trauma/Abuse/Neglect

  • Establishing And Maintaining Healthy Relationships

  • Chronic Pain

  • Chronic Stress

  • Chronic Guilt/Sadness/Worry/Fear

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