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what is nutritional therapy?




I have a long term health concern or disease, why Nutritonal Therapy & not just the Dr?


In recent years the affects of nutrition on our health and well-being is becoming more apparent. Not least in the complimentary medicine world, but in particularly in the field of functional medicine. However this is rarely spoken of in the orthodox medical community nor media, which has lead to confusion and led people to believe that one cant heal with nutrition alone, which of course is not the case. 

Whilst lifespan has increased in the west quality of life as we age has declined. Instead of cultivating a happy life, it seems the goal is to just be free from disease. We end up living with chronic disorders, much of the time without even realising, accepting the mediocrity.  The reality is that nutrition has advanced by leaps and bounds, with many clinical trials proving unequivocally the powers of natural nutritional therapy intervention. 

I have been priveliedged to work with hundreds of clients who were confused and frustarted that the general medical care be it private or nhs could not help them. With the main issues being:




  • Digestion, Bloating, Acid Reflux, IBS, Crohns, Parasites
  • Energy, Fatigue, Mood 
  • Chronic pain, Headaches, Migraines 
  • Hormone Balance, Sexual Health, Libido, Reproduction 
  • Sleep
  • Weight Loss, Bone Health, Muscle Gain 
  • & more 

Our body is made up of the raw materials we eat known as nutrition.  Just like you would not fill up your car with vegetable oil, we too have specific dietary requirements, that change with race, age, geography, & goals. 

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How can the clinic of holistic nutrition help you? 

our role is not to force you onto a diet. Rather change how you perceive and eat food, learning about its many healing properties to lead to long term sustainable positive change in your health and well-being. 

  • We will assess your overall health including your medical history
  • Looking into lifestyle & emotional factors that most practitioners wont
  • Individualize the protocol to implement suitable changes for you
  • You will be sent a bespoke eating plan
  • You will be sent a bespoke therapeutics plan if needed
  • Lab testing will be recommended if needed
  • Finally follow up or pay-as-you-go appointments enable you to get the hands on one to one coaching with me throughout the healing journey 

(as opposed to one meeting and simply a write up sent to you. In our clinical experience that is not enough)


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