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What does health really mean? Take the quiz to discover

Take my quiz to discover what health really is? If your health is optimal? Have subclinical imbalances?Or could do with health optimization? & learn useful information about health & well-being. 

Joel is a certified nutritional therapist, naturopath and welness expert. Passionate about functional medicine, mind-body therapies & traditional and modern scientific research. Current healthcare paradigms dictate treating symptoms not the cause, whether allopathic or naturopathic medicine. 

Joel will get to the root cause of your health concern whether its enhancing you metabolism, balancing hormones, ridding yourself of menstrual, gut or neurological pain, by taking into account your biochemical individuality.

Functional laboratory testing are used if required, traditional diagnostic tools, supplemental & lifestyle support as well as various emotional healing techniques such as German new Medicine. 

My clinical work was founded with the goal of putting an end to the diet fad – new practitioner – misdiagnosis / symptom- based dr cycle. Read more about us and how combining, nutritional therapy, functional medicine & ancestral wisdom will find the root cause to your condition, get results & provide you with the tools to become your own healer

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