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your 4-Body Manual to Heavenly Hormones

Ready to beat fatigue, live pain-free & revitalise your health?  

Get my 4-body manual to heavenly hormones to learn the basics of balancing your (4) body(ies), nourish your hormones to show up as your dream self

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What will you learn?


4-body Protocol

Learn how to heal your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Become your own Dr and seriously view yourself holistically not just plastering symptoms.


Truth about health & how you can heal from anything

What you may be doing wrong, Why to stop DIYing your health, end the practitioner merry-go-round,


hormones 101

learn what the symptoms of hormonal imbalance is, what a healthy period is & the emotional factors often disregarded


Health Hacks you can use today

Along with learning my method of healing clients in the hundreds and counting, take home 5 essential nutritional therapy & lifestyle tips to help your hormones today

Goodbye low energy, painful periods, gut Discomfort

My 4-body manual to heavenly hormones cuts through the failures in the healthcare world to offer you the foundation of how to be fatigue & pain free to feel like yourself again

Used by Hundreds of my clients to get their energy back, heal hormones & gut issues

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"I have noticed a drastic change in my sleep and energy levels since reading and using the manual. It has changed my perspective on health and given me the confidence to fix this"

Abi N.

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"Feeling more rested & rejuvenated in the mornings & better with my meals. I was really open to the emotional factors outlined which have me a lot of closure and support"

Greta S.


"After working with Joel in 2023 helping me recover from thyroid, adrenal and gut issues, that I thought I would just have to live with. I downloaded the book and it was a great reminder of various areas we worked on together, highly recommended read"

Shiva T.

Frequently asked questions


Click the questions on the right to read the responses. If you have any other questions feel free to send me a message here

If your unwell but your Dr says your bloodwork is fine 

If you always feel you lack energy 

if your periods are becoming more problematic 

If you are bloated, have brain fog or just cant cope with the stress in your life & don feel like yourself anymore

This book was written to give hope to you that you can heal you just need to stop doing the wrong things and reframe how you view dis-ease and your body 


This book has helped hundreds of my clients. It really depends on what sort of person you are and your belief system. This is not intended to treat any condition and you should seek support from your health provider. Rather as educational purposes that many have found invaluable in their healing journey. 

Most free e-books tend to give you the sizzle without the sausage. That is to say they are purely lead magnets with 5 or 10 generic tips. I wanted to offer something different, my gift to you. A comprehensive e-book that covers a healing modality. Follow you heart and see what area you gravitate towards your subconscious knows the answers. 

Great question. Its based on my personal and clinical experience for the last 12 years. I have seen all the manifestations of hormonal imbalances, fatigue and gut issues to name a few. I have tried all the supplements, diet and protocols, but looking at the several facets of what makes us human is what was missing. Learn this technique in my e-book before you spend more money on diet books, supplements and practitioners. Only book a call if you have attempted to make some progress alone but hit a roadblock as a practitioner cant do the work for you, only you can heal yourself with expert guidance. 

I strongly suggest to re-read the book and see what area you resonate with working on yourself. However if you have a more chronic issue please feel free to book a complimentary call and I can guide you on your next steps here

Ready to take your health back today