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What is functional nutrition?

Functional Nutrition restores your energy & Vitality by finding your root cause with lab testing, tailored whole-food supplements & ancestral nutrition.

No matter what medical label or symptom, all dis-ease down-regulates metabolism & leads to poor energy production leaving one tired & stressed.  Functional Nutrition wants to make your metabolism healthy again. Looking at your organism as a working together as a whole, rather than isolated nutrients or conditions. From a truly holistic perspective. Treating the root causes to restore healthy function through a personalised approach.  

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Why Nutrition

Nutrition is simply one of the major forms of energy production. The food we eat converts the energy from the sun into nutrients. We are energy and our cells work on the minerals we obtain from the food, along with the sun, water & a balanced environment & lifestyle. When the aforementioned are not in kilter, imbalances form. Hence we restore balance to the key minerals – magnesium, copper and iron (& more) that must work symbiotically to optimize energy and enhance vitality.

Is it just lab tests, Nutrition & supplements?

Functional Nutrition takes the whole-body into account. I take this one step further with my 4-body method.

1: physical body

Nutritional therapy to support you with a wholefood, ancestral & metabolically individualized diet.  Functional lab work & therapeutics by way of herbs and supplements cross over to the life-force or flow of the body. 

4: mental body

Effective thoughts, values, goals, beliefs, thoughts, dreams. Gaining meaning from our emotions

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Learning to digest trapped or suppressed emotions & their deeper connections to ones physical and mental state. Movement to keep the balance of life force flowing. motion creates emotion. 

4: spiritual body

Effective thoughts, values, goals, beliefs, thoughts, dreams. Gaining meaning from our emotions

What is the difference between conventional healthcare & functional nutrition?

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End Guess games with Lab testing

I utilise functional lab testing, with functional markers which means partly tighter ranges of what we view as ideal, as well as viewing markers in a more accurate way as per the literature & our holistic comprehension, to get a clearer picture on: 

  • mineral / nutrient deficiencies
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • energy levels
  • metabolic rate (fast or slow)
  • inflammation
  • adrenal + thyroid function
  • hormonal imbalances
  • nervous system imbalances
  • blood sugar imbalances/ diabetes
  • mental health
  • digestive dysfunction
  • liver function
  • Infections or viruses are present

Food First Approach

I have been following an ancestral whole-food diet for decades & am passionate about facilitating clients to heal with a food first approach

lifestyle & emotions focus

Whilst Functional Lab Testing & Nutrition are key to my work, the clients metal, emotional & spiritual status are also taken into account & linked to the said condition:

  • Emotional conflicts

  • Healthy Relationships & Boundaries

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Depression/Feeling Stuck

  • Anxiety/Fear/Worry

  • Stress/Self Sabotage

  • Trauma/Neglect/Abuse/Addictions

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