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What is Mind-Body Fatigue?

You may have heard of the concept of EMOTIONAL TRAUMA, PSYCHOSOMATIC CONDITIONS or STRESS and how this can impact our lives. It can actually cause dis-ease! And it is energetically taxing, leading to FATIGUE and EXHAUSTION. I call this mind-body fatigue, implicating the often overlooked roots in chronic fatigue conditions.  

Often overlooked by medical professionals and naturopaths alike, just as you get butterflies in your stomach with excitement, or nerves can lock your chest or voice, certain EMOTIONS and or STRESSFUL EVENTS can actually drain ENERGY. When we feel sad or depressed we sometimes just want to sleep, or not do anything productive, but either way the stress can be exhausting leading to ADRENAL FATIGUE, LOW ENERGY & BURNOUT.

Are hidden emotions from the past or present sapping away at your energy?

Do you feel your struggle may be more than just dis-ease, nutrition & lifestyle? Or have you ever considered that subconsciously an emotional root-cause to your current situation is actually what is holding you hostage? Energy of past emotions or events can get lodged in your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual health. These emotions can alleviate somewhat with the right nutrition & lifestyle but unless they are given some attention, the trapped emotions can lead to blockages in your personal energy field such as, fatigue, other symptoms such as hormonal imbalances, thyroid, adrenal or gut issues, sorrow, low-confidence, lack of belief & more. But this can be alleviated with mind-body therapy coupled as part of the overall root-cause therapy to cover your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

The Good News Is That My 4-Body Protocol Can Help:

there are numerous stress or mind-body fatigue induced conditions misdiagnosed or overlooked by conventional medicine


Our body is designed to deal with some stress but in our modern lives we are experiencing it from all angles, many a time without realising it. Nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress, toxic exposure can all cause stress but particularly traumatic events, childhood experiences, or general life stressors can cause emotions to wedge inside us and stop our flow, hindering our well-being and leading to fatigue amongst other conditions. Mitochondria dont function, hormones dysregulate, the adrenals burn-out. 

Personality Traits / Childhood Experiences

Those with mind-body fatigue tend to have certain personality traits such as PERFECTIONISTS, HIGH ACHIEVERS or PEOPLE PLEASERS, as well as experienced various childhood experiences from abuse (emotional, physical or mental), physical or mental neglect, parental divorce, only child syndrome, criminality, substance abuse. This combination of personality traits & childhood experiences  can be too much for the body to handle, causing a variety of symptoms and especially fatigue as this is energetically taxing on your body as a whole. But they can be addressed & eased. 

Injuries that do not heal

When injuries dont heal after extended periods of time, whilst there may be a structural problem, it may also mean a deeper emotional cause that needs to be fixed. The physical body is a representation of what is going on in our consciousness. Structural abnormalities can form, but many live with them without symptoms. 

Emotional Conflicts

This may be related to all of the above. Many clients waste money on genetic and food sensitivity testing. Whilst certain foods maybe triggering you. In most cases it is due to an imbalance or deficiency that can be caused by an emotional conflict. When we focus only on the physical we disregard the emotional rational behind allergies. Conflicts can be related to unpleasant smells, circumstances, events or desires. 

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Our symptoms are in fact guides to help the body heal.

Mainstream medicine does not know the root-cause of most dis-eases

Fun Fact, if we all knew the true nature of our ailments, my services would not be needed and you would be cured. Whilst the great natural medicine experts of times gone did have a good idea, unfortunately we don’t, which is confirmed in the medical literature. The mainstream medical paradigm looks for the answer to the wrong question. 

Example – Fatigue is associated with so-called anemia and or low iron status, therefore patient is given synthetic iron. Masking the problem with drugs rather than healing the root-cause. The fatigue is a symptom as the drug masks the symptoms, confirmed when the the symptom reappears after withdrawal from the drugs.

Below are a number of states of dis-ease with no known cause let alone cure courtesy of www.webmd.com

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: “doctors don’t know what causes chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs). there is talk of viral illness, lyme disease, emotional trauma or toxic exposure but there is no official cause. read about my work as a rcp which is fundamental in healing fatigue.


  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) isn’t known
  • Migraine Headaches: Experts aren’t sure what causes migraines
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Doctors don’t know exactly what causes Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
  • Scoliosis: In most cases, the cause of scoliosis is not known
  • Sjogren’s Disease: Doctors don’t know the exact cause. You may have genes that put you at risk. An infection with a bacteria or virus may be a trigger that sets the disease in motion.”
  • Anxiety:The exact cause of anxiety disorders is unknown” These are not the result of personal weakness, poor upbringing or character flaw, environmental stress and emotional suppression certainluy play a role. 
  • Endometriosis: The exact cause of endometriosis is not known.”
  • Leukemia: Experts don’t know what causes leukemia
  • Eczema: Doctors don’t know exactly what causes eczema
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All dis-ease = low-energy = dis-ease

All the above diseases lead to a form of fatigue & energy depletion. If the cells are not working well and not producing energy the aforementioned symptoms appear to try and steer the body into the right way. Rooted in an inability to create healthy cells. In fact many of these unknown caused diseases are misdiagnosed as when in fact they can be in part caused by emotional stress. In spite of the billions invested in research, our doctors are yet to be taught the true nature of disease. Whilst success stories exist, too many receive misdiagnoses, unnecessary surgeries, side effects with prescription medications or labelled psychosomatic & our tests are all in range. They are aiming at the wrong target and looking for causes where they do not exist. They are getting answers to the wrong questions. Risk factors, correlation, genetic tendencies are not true causes! Studies are showing more and more that rather than genetic inheritance, genes are turned on and off with three of the main causes of disease, nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress & toxicity. 

How does Mind-body therapy help?

sub-conscious communication

The body is made of energy in one form or the other. From cell, tissue to organ, as well as the non-physical aspects of you.  This includes emotions, beliefs, thoughts & memories. Therefore energetic balance is crucial for our overall health, as it is what makes us as well as how easy it is to heal as its a mere shift in energy.

The subconscious mind contains infinite knowledge about you, knowing what you need to balance & information about trapped emotions. You may be unaware, but this unseen part of you exerts a profound influence on all aspects of your. Therefore unlike talking therapy, in a meditative state, you can learn to listen to your inner-voice, approach, recognise and digest emotions otherwise ignored, & speak directly to the subconscious. 

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