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About Joel Radley, DipNT, BSc (Hons), RCP & Functional Nutritionist

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Hello, My Name Is Joel

I struggled with burnt out in 2015, unexplained fatigue, digestive issues, work-life stress & years of chasing symptoms. GP’s misdiagnosed me, tests all in range, fortunes wasted on practitioners, cleanses & supplements. My fatigue & pain reduced but never healed. Not until I read the works of Dr Weston Price, Moorley Robbins, Ray Peat, Dr Natasha Mcbride & Dr Thomas Cowan, was I able to drop the diet & hustle culture, nutrition myths, implement functional nutrition & lab testing to balance minerals & get my life back. 

Then I incorporated mind-body emotional healing after reading the works of Dr Bradley Nelson, Dr Hamer, Bessel van Der Kolk, Gary Craig, Martin Brothman, Richard Schwartz & Andreas Moritz. I learnt stress & emotional conflicts were creating or worsening physical symptoms. This led to the creation of the 4-body protocol. In under 6 months my 10 year struggle disappeared.

I went on to help thousands of clients worldwide after qualifying as a nutritional therapist at the college of naturopathic medicine in London, a root cause practitioner as well as mind-body therapy modalities, forming the basis of my therapeutic approach. Restore energy, metabolism & relationship to food, to live their best life with happy hormones. I enjoy travelling, farmers markets, cooking, martial arts & playing the flute. I work between my clinic in central London & online video calls. If you would like to find out more information please book a free call here.

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About 1:1 consultations

My approach is simple, calm & relaxed. My practice is based on cutting edge functional nutrition principles (implemented with ancestral nutrition, a food-first approach & wholefood supplements), functional lab testing, emotional & mental wellbeing via mind-body therapies. I want you to feel supported every step of the way. Whilst you may come to me with a said energy, hormonal or gut issues, in healing the physical wound, also comes the emotional empowerment to shine your light.

I specialise in helping people with various energy depletions. I also have successfully worked with those unaffected by fatigue, suffering from purely hormonal, gut, skin, or emotional traumas & addictions. To find out more about lasting relief from your fatigue or condition, general coaching or lab testing, follow the links below.

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My mother did not get the support she needed regarding hormonal health which caused her energy to dip, painful periods & eventually a hysterectomy. I wanted to be part of the change for the better. My recovery story with burn-out and chronic fatigue, written about above was the final sign for me to take this path. I created my clinic to help women like my mother & others in a similiar situation to myself. My role is to simply facilitate in your body healing itself. Voltaire said: ‘The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while natures cures the disease’. Heal & gain sustainable health which is true wealth. 
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Whether you have chronic fatigue, a Dr says your lab results are in range, feel like wasting your money on random supplements, therapists & diets or feeling stuck, during the call we will discuss:

  • Opportunity to share your current condition

  • How To End Trying To DIY Your Health, Becoming Your Own Practitioner

  • How Your Body Needs, Rebalance & Fire Start Your Metabolism To Live Energised & Pain Free
  • No More Need to Depend on Perpetual Treatments

  • How Your Symptoms Are Guiding You To Healing

  • End Guesswork With Functional Lab Testing & Ditch random supplements or therapies that do not fit your individual needs
  • Practical Tips You Can Implement Immediately 

No Obligations To Book Sessions At The End Of The Call

Ready to heal your fatigue,
energise & revitalise
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 My 4-body Manual for heavenly hormones is a quick start guide of nourishing your body, hormones & emotions to feel like you again