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Functional testing

Let me begin by stating that all functional lab testing is not required for everyone, everybody can benefit from a deeper look into the language of medicine which is our nutrient status in our body and the hair mineral analysis (HTMA) is included in all 1:1 programs with me. 

For some more specific tests are required, where we can pin-point even more nutritional deficiencies, which body systems and organs are sluggish, gut dysbiosis and toxicity. I am also a firm believer that in some cases nutrition alone is not enough, whereby specifically and in some cases aggressively balancing deficiencies be it nutrients or gut flora, as well as enhancing organ function and detoxification. 

In some cases I begin working with clients and after the consultation we identify possible lab testing to help our investigation, or some things come up that we simply can not avoid but to opt for functional testing, helping find the exact area we need to support. In other cases it is known from the get go what tested is required:

  • Hormonal imbalance and a test to refine down likelihood of PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis
  • Previous diagnosis of a condition by doctor
  • Thyroid including autoimmune thyroid
  • Austoimmune condition
  • Acute gut concerns
  • Dysbiosis
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Skin break outs and allergies
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