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Please read below as its important to put the score into context before sharing our recommendations.

I hope it enabled you to consider certain elements of health we often take for granted or are not conscious of when on autopilot in our daily lives. As you can imagine its very hard to gauge if someone is healthy or not, as what really is health?

There are many different definitions and in todays world, we are being told that: having a ripped body, being skinny, drinking green juices, abstaining from meat, fasting, eating one meal a day, being able to run marathons, work all night and not be tired, work out 5 days a week being youthful? pain-free, acne-free, stress-free etc.

Whilst some of these may play a role or be desirable, a lack of ageing is not health and our bodies are not static, we go though the seasons like the world. Sickness in some regards is our body crying out to us, as the saying goes if one does not listen to the bodies whispers, you will be forced to listen to the cries.

Moving away from the absence of disease or the movie star ageing younger phenomenon, we believe health is more about physical, mental, emotional & spiritual & social wellbeing. This quiz is not a diagnosis and should not worry you or cause anxiety but rather to question what it truly is to be healthy and would you benefit from improving on some of the shortfalls noted in the quiz?

We want clients to strive for :
– a warm body
– smooth digestion
– daily bowel movements (1-3)
– firm, smooth and earthy stools
– radiant skin
– shiny hair
– strong bones, nails & teeth – fertility and a healthy libido
– hormonal balance
– relaxed heart
– mental clarity
– healthy urination
– good sleeper (7-9 hours uninterrupted)
– steady energy all day
– lean muscular body with curves in the right areas
– happy & content
– with a purpose & dream

You have a varied score of 45/100 with many body systems in a sub-optimal state of affairs, but with some causing no problems. This could be a sign that your health is  out of balance. This could mean a slow metabolism, under or over active thyroid, leading to various health complications preventing you from being your best self. We would highly suggest booking in a consultation to look deeper into the mater and begin the process of balancing your body systems. We find that many clients in this category whilst may seem fine in some cases, have underlying sub-clinical concerns and there is no better time than now to utilize preventative medicine. Please call us now with the link above or book a complimentary self-discovery call today.